Donelson Hills Neighborhood Association

2014 Annual Spring Meeting and Donelson Hills Drive entranceway work

Neighbors gathered at Donelson Heights United Methodist Church to listen to Larry McGoogin, a regional planner with TDOT, present their 25-year Transportation Plan and give input.  Each neighbor had a device to vote on options in each growth scenario as Larry presented them.  The results were available immediately and it was fascinating to see the variances of opinions!  It brought to light the difficulty that TDOT has with their planning, especially with reduced gas taxes (how all projects are funded) with more fuel efficient cars on the road and not taking on debt for infrastructure projects.

Our neighbor Oliver McAbee also presented his schematic for a possible entranceway signage project at June Drive and Cottage Lane.  Thanks to everyone for coming!

Also completed on April 14 was our entranceway beautification project on Donelson Hills Drive.  The drainage issue was corrected the previous week when Metro Stormwater redefined the channel for water to flow smoothly. Derek and his team at JVI graded out the front of the area and installed crushed gravel and pine straw. This keeps the area neat, clean, looking good and low maintenance. I fertilized the four red buds last week, so we should have an entranceway that will grow nicely and be easy to maintain in the years ahead. If you go to JVI over on Donelson Pike, be sure to tell Derek thanks!